A new season.

It's autumn again, my favorite season of the year.  And it's funny...you know how you time your life in terms of 'before college' and 'after college' or 'before we were married' and 'after we were married.'  Now, ours is 'before Taiwan' and 'since we've been home from Taiwan.'  I am constantly blown away at how much Amber Joy is changing and growing.  Right now, as I type, she's in her purple Tinkerbell pj's walking around, hiding a block in the entertainment center, looking at me and raising her hands as if to say 'where did it go?' and then finding it over and over again.  That's crazy to me...she's WALKING, she's PLAYING, she's SMILING and LAUGHING and she's learning new things every.single.day.

On Labor Day weekend, we moved from Goodlettsville, and the first house that Justin and I bought as a couple, to my parents' home in Murfreesboro.  The decision was mainly based on our need to recover financially from the adoption and several other debts we have incurred over the past two years.  Since we got married, we have not had this much debt, although it is still relatively low compared to our peers.  That's one thing I've always appreciated about Justin: he's great at keeping us responsible financially and working hard to get us back on track.  We still own the house in Goodlettsville and thankfully found a renter very quickly.  We are hoping that our stay here will only be temporary, about 9-10 months, while we save for a new down payment and decide where we want our next home to be. 

In the meantime, it's been interesting learning to live with my parents again for the first time in 15 years.  I'm different, they're different, and this time, I brought my husband and daughter with me.  To add to the challenge, my dad is recovering from his second knee surgery in two months.  He fell at the end of August and was ready to start physical therapy following his first surgery and unfortunately, fell and re-injured his knee again that very day.  So now he's at home for at least two weeks and this recovery is expected to take a total of six weeks.  It has not been the easiest transition for any of us, but we believe God knew that my dad would need our help at this time, so it has been a good thing. 

I just want to say one more thing.  I am crazy about my husband and my daughter.  They are the source of smiles in my day and (sometimes interrupted) peace in my night.  We are incredibly blessed.  My parents have been so generous and so understanding as we work through this season.

We cannot wait until Christmas.  It's always been my favorite holiday and I am super excited about seeing it through the eyes of my beautiful, tiny, curious, precious daughter. 

Happy Autumn!


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