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It’s been nearly two months since we sent our first e-mail requesting information from Bethany about adoption. In the last eight weeks, we have been to Columbia, TN three times, for information, orientation, and initial training. For the initial training, Papa Mike went with us. He wanted to learn about the adoption process and what we had to go through. They put us in groups and asked us what we were most excited about and what we most afraid of. My dad said that he was most excited about being a grandfather and was most afraid about the first time he keeps the baby by himself! I said I was most excited about rocking the baby in a rocking chair…those bonding moments when I look at my sweet child and see the face of God. And, I said I was most afraid of adolescence! Justin said he was so excited to be a dad and was afraid of a birth mother changing her mind. In the State of Tennessee, a birth mother has 72 hours after the birth before she can sign over her parental rights. After that,

Bethany Orientation

Last Friday Stephanie and I attended the Domestic Adoption Orientation put on by Bethany in Columbia. It was a long day. The morning started with several adoptive parents sharing their stories. Some of them brought their children who acted much like you would expect toddlers to: Calling for Mommy; grabbing everything within reach; sometimes crying. The distractions didn’t bother anyone. That is why we were all there. All of the stories had their share of happy and sad, but all were inspiring. The guest speakers lasted until lunchtime. We were released into Columbia for an hour and a half to find our own lunch. On her way to the bathroom Stephanie struck up a conversation with a young couple from Ashland City who invited us to have lunch with them. We had a great lunch with them. Conversation came easy and we talked so much that we were late returning to the church. They had just adopted a little boy internationally the year before. Stephanie and I picked their brains and listened inten