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Paper Pregnant!!!

Well here it is!  The post where I shout "We're (paper) pregnant!!!"  We found out yesterday, after we came home from Vacation Bible School with about 90 kids!!!  Ironic, huh?  As I was running through the halls chasing the children last night someone said "are you sure you still want one?"  I said "yes, just one!"  It was the day after Father's Day and we had both commented to each other that hopefully, this is the last Father's Day before Justin is a dad and the last Father's Day before we start sending "Grandpa" cards to my dad, Doug, and Vince.  We are thrilled and will definitely keep you posted!


There is a baby bed in my house.  A baby bed.  The night Justin put it together, I just sat there in the room and looked at it.  I thought, "this room is way too quiet."  It's exciting to think that at some point (soon, we hope) there will be a resident in that room!  Today I ask that you remember us in prayer as we are considering some other life decisions that will affect our family in positive ways.  God is opening some doors for us and my prayer is that we will have the courage to walk through and know that God will be waiting for us on the other side. Hopefully, my next post will be to shout "I'm paper pregnant!"  That is the term used in the adoption world when our home study is finally approved and we are officially WAITING...