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Take Heart 'cause Beautiful Things are comin!

You know those songs that just get you every time?  The ones that you have to turn up really loudly in your car and you don't care who's watching as you sing your little heart out?  I have two of those right now and both of them reflect some deep, deep stuff I've been working through in my heart lately.  See, most people who know me probably would not describe me as a perfectionist.  I'm not really what I would call "Type A" personality, and I sort of 'go with the flow' when it comes to how our days go, especially with Amber Joy.  But it's a facade.  I think I'm discovering that way down deep, I don't like change, I like to know what's coming next, and I most certainly like to have a life that at least feels 'orderly.'  Maybe it's about security?  And I'm not sure why I need for other people to think I'm NOT anal about things when I really am...and probably I just overthink all of this (a trait I've been aware of