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First Thoughts

Tonight, I looked at my husband and said "Years ago, if someone had asked me 'how can you believe in God?' I would have said something to do with looking around at the universe or the trees and all of the majesty of creation. Now, if someone wonders how I can believe in God, I would simply point to you." Each day, I am more convinced that there was something much bigger than me orchestrating my collision course with Justin. It happened at just the right time in my life and although he is not what I thought I wanted, he is exactly what I needed. And so, this metaphor continues into our desire to be parents. For several months, we have breezed by the subject of adoption if our attempts to have a child of our own continue to fail. But Justin has not been 'ready.' Such a strange word to me...when are we ever really ready for big changes in life? I have chosen to wait (sometimes impatiently) for him to come around to my way of thinking ;). My 36 year old body and