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Summertime Update

Hey y'all!  I finally figured out that for many years, I misspelled the word "y'all."  I always put the apostrophe after the "a."  So now, I use the word all the time.  And my iphone has even stopped trying to auto-correct me when I type the word in a text.  ;) Anyway, we've been through some more changes in the Miller house lately and since I use my blog mainly as a journal for me, I thought it was time to take a minute to document.  In April, we moved into our new house in Murfreesboro.  It's beautiful and we feel so fortunate to have it.  It appraised for more than we paid, so it's got built-in equity.  Justin and I have talked a lot about some kind of mission work in the future, so re-sale on our home should be fantastic.  Amber Joy is almost two and a half.  So hard to believe!  She's growing, learning, talking, running, jumping, laughing, whining, and eating lots of pasta and rice.  She now refers to herself as "A-doy" (Am