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Joy in the morning

Since I am up at 4:00 a.m. due to lightning, thunder, and hail shaking the entire house, I thought this would be a great time to catch up on the blog.  Yesterday, we got the news that our home study is DONE and, after a few detail changes, it will be ready to e-mail to Taiwan!  After it is sent to our contact in Taiwan, it will be translated into Chinese, which takes about a week.  When we get it back after translation, the fun really begins.  We have to take the home study and several pieces of paperwork around to lots of different offices who verify each other and finally, it will be verified that Tennessee really is a state!  Then, we FedEx those papers back to Taiwan and we will enter their court system as prospective adoptive parents to Amber Joy.  It could be a few weeks to several months before we receive our travel date after the paperwork enters the courts.  We are prepared to wait as long as necessary, but obviously, we are praying that it is sooner rather than later.  We h