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Taiwan (Part Five)

There are several families who have just received first decrees from Taiwan and will soon be traveling to get their sweet babies.  It has made me reflect more and more about our trip, what we would change, and how much we miss Taiwan and want to go back.  We have already discussed taking Amber Joy back, maybe around age 10 or 12, when she can appreciate it for what it is.  If we could do it over again, we would have taken an extra day before meeting Amber Joy, even though it would have been torture to be in the same country and not have her in our arms.  We would have been more rested and more able to take on the challenges of the next few days.  We would have done more sightseeing, instead of staying in and worrying about keeping her pacified.  We would realize that this is the trip of a lifetime and try to see as much and do as much as possible, in spite of the rainy weather.  But the trip was amazing.  It was completely indescribable...the sights, the sounds, the smells...all diff

Taiwan (Part Four)

This is just getting sad...we've been home for over three months and I'm still trying to finish this story!  In the words of Willie Wonka, "On we go..." Amber Joy and sleep are not the best of friends.  Funny, because neither is sleep and her mommy.  The first night, she slept some, was awake some, then slept some again.  When she woke up at about 6:30 am, we fed her, then she went back to sleep next to Justin on the bed.  It was precious. The next day, New Year's Day, was a Sunday.  I went down to check out the free breakfast that came with the hotel.  Let's just say that our Taipei breakfast was much more recognizable to us, so I came back to the room with a few pieces of bread and what I believed to be jelly of some sort.  We got ready for church, Justin and I having to switch baby duty while the other was in the shower.  We learned very quickly that trying to get ourselves ready was one thing: trying to get an 11-month-old with a mind of her own ready