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After some silence, I finally feel like there's a new conversation with God bubbling up inside.  Justin and I just took a quick roadtrip to Atlanta and had some decent talking time.  I mentioned to him that this March will mark 15 years since my sister died.  In typical Justin fashion, he presented me with a question that is going to make me think A LOT over the next few months.  He asked if I felt like I could celebrate that day at all.  March 9.  For almost 15 years, it has been a day that we commemorate for sure, but celebrate?  Seriously?  I felt my chest tighten as soon as he said it.  My first response was something about how I find it easier to celebrate her birthday rather than her death day, to which he nodded.  But then he said, "it's the day she got to meet Jesus."  Now I know from my years as a hospice chaplain what you're never supposed to say to a grieving person.  And things like "she's not in pain anymore" or "at least she's