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Fall is here!

I absolutely ADORE fall weather.  We got married in the fall...October 14, 2006, and that day in Nashville was 72 and sunny.  We were in the high 90's last weekend, then all of a sudden, fall came.  Monday, we turned off the air conditioning in the house and opened the windows.  I love the smells and socks and leaves of autumn.  It's as if the world is slowing down again from the crazy summer pace and heat and is finally cooling off.  Justin and I have recently picked up running (well, jogging for me), and it is amazing what a 30 degree difference can do for a person's run pace!  We went to Memphis this past weekend and were so excited to meet up with another couple who is adopting from Taiwan!  Their little boy, Jack Everett, is already buddies with Amber Joy!  We even have a picture of them together. ;)  David and Sherra are such great people and we are looking forward to a very long friendship! On a different note, fall always reminds me of certain times in my life a