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Mommy's Eyes

This is one of those little gems that I have to get down on the blog before it disappears into the recesses of my brain forever.  Yesterday, Amber Joy was diagnosed with flu AND strep.  We both got the flu shot, but apparently, it's not covering this strain.  Bummer.  Two prescription meds, tylenol, and motrin, a weary mom, and staying inside all day was a recipe for some head-butting.  You see, Amber Joy is actually a lot like me, despite the biological truth.  She's strong-headed, assertive, and yes, even a little manipulative.  Um, like I said, a lot like me.  But this morning, when she first woke up, we had some great moments.  She was very cuddly and very sweet.  At one point, she got very close to my face, stared at me, and said, "I see Amber Joy!"  I was confused at first.  There was no mirror.  Then she said, "I see Amber Joy in Mommy's eyes!"  She had gotten close enough to actually view her own reflection in my eyes.  And just like that, we con