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One Step Closer

My wife is amazing! No, I am not just saying that for brownie points. Though I will graciously accept any that come my way. Stephanie has worked so hard to bring home little Amber Joy. Between work and school, I have been able to devote very little time to adoption details. Steph has been an awesome task master. She has done everything from organizing baby clothes, to stacking diapers, to driving our paperwork to Atlanta. Words cannot express how appreciative I am for her hard work in bringing home our little girl. I know that one day Amber Joy will as well. So last Friday, Steph drove our paperwork to Atlanta to be verified, stamped and otherwise certified by the TECO office (enter fancy name for embassy). They promised a 3-5 day turn-around, but had it done on Monday. Steph's cousin Catie works a few blocks from the TECO office and was able to pickup the paperwork and FedEx it to Taiwan for us. We have tracked it and verified that it is in Taiwan, but we cannot track it past th


A brief update on our adoption process...We are excited to say that Amber Joy continues to do well and is growing. The last photo we received was a picture of her in a 3-month outfit that we sent to Taiwan. She is a little over five months old right now, so she is still small for her age, but her little cheeks and arms are plumping up so well! She is a healthy girl! We would love to get pictures every day, but the way I see it, we will just have a lot of picture-taking to make up for when she gets here! Many people have asked us "when are you going to get her?" I wish it were that simple. Even after a child is identified in most international adoptions, there is usually quite a long wait to actually bring the child home. In this case, our adoption is private, not through an agency, and even though our home study is complete, we are now waiting for it to come back to us having been translated into Chinese. Once we get it back (probably in about a week from now), we have to