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Taiwan! (Part One)

So, I finally found a few minutes to sit down and tell you a little about our trip!  I want to chronicle as much as I can, so that later, Amber Joy can see what it was like :)  Monday, December 26: Our missionary friend in Taiwan notified us at about 8 p.m. that she thought that AIT (the embassy in Taiwan) had an available appointment for us on January 5 at 8 a.m.  Our mouths literally dropped open because to get there by January 5, we needed to travel by Thursday, December 29th!  It takes a full 24 hours to get to Taiwan, then we would fly the next day to where Amber Joy lived in Taitung, a town on the southeast coast.  At the time we got the e-mail, I had our friend Baylie over who was helping me pack.  Needless to say, the packing sped up quite a bit when we found out we were leaving in two days!  Baylie and I quickly made a Wal-Mart list and headed out at about 10 p.m.  After a much-needed stop at Waffle House, we spend over an hour in Wal-Mart, buying extra clothes, jackets, a f

Home Sweet Home

So sorry it has taken so long for a new blog post.  The photo above is me, my grandmother, my dad, and Amber Joy in our "four generations" photo.  It was very special!  Amber Joy is doing great since we got home.  She has let us know her personality in a big way!  She can be very content, smiling and laughing, and then the next, she is literally screaming at the top of her tiny little lungs letting us know that she is NOT happy!  :)  She goes from zero to sixty in about 2 seconds.  She is strong and lively and is very healthy.  For those of you who don't know, she was born at 26 weeks gestation and weighed only 1.5 lbs.  Now she's nearly a year old and is up to a good 14.4 lbs.  I had every intention of blogging about our trip to Taiwan today, but alas, a little baby girl is awake early from her nap, so it will be another day.  Thank you for your prayers as we continue to adjust.