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The Hardest Thing

"We can do hard things." At my adoptive mom's retreat in February, I registered for a breakout session with this title. Not sure what drew me to it, but I went. A lady with a complicated adoption story talked about her struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and how that all came to a head during her two adoptions. The most captivating thing I heard her say during that 45 minute session was this, "I learned to do hard things by doing the next right thing." The next right thing. There's so much stirring in me right now, so if this sounds like a long run-on sentence, well, it probably is and you should probably read a different blog if you want great grammar and coherent thought. This season in our family is the hardest thing we've ever done, at least up until now. There are those watershed moments in your know what I'm talking about. The ones that define you, make you who you are. When my sister Amber died in 1999, that was a defining momen