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These days

I have little scraps of paper all over my house with blog post ideas. One day maybe I'll get to writing some of those, but for tonight, my mind is all over the place and I just need to get some stuff down on (virtual) paper. What I'm learning... I can only control myself. I cannot control my husband, my child, OR God. This is becoming quite evident, and the more I realize it, the more peace I have. Control is rooted in fear and fear is the enemy of peace. One day, or even a series of days when my child is four years old does not make up the bulk of her entire childhood. I do not have to mourn at the end of each day if it is not spectacular. It is not my job to entertain anyone or keep anyone happy. Sounds simple, right? One of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard is my four year old singing "'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus." I learn more from her every single day. Realizing the Spirit is working on me to bring about its fruit is tough. But actually