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Lift Your Head Weary Sinner Until REFIT® a few weeks ago, I had never heard this song. Though David Crowder wrote the song in recent years, its lyrics belong among the classic hymns. When my instructor first introduced us to it, she showed us that the choreography had been created so that we would do the song with a partner. It's a toning song in the line-up, so while the song is a nice moderate beat, we would hold on to our partner's forearms while lifting opposite legs for glute work. As we began and worked our way through the song, I was struck by several things that have stuck with me: This song would be easier alone. If I could just stand there and do gluteal lifts, I would be more balanced rather than having to hold someone else up. It's really more inconvenient to do it WITH someone. I don't like eye contact. But in this song, it's a necessity. You have to look at your partner or you're both likely to land on the floor. If one of us