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A Mother for Choco

I think I may have mentioned the book "A Mother for Choco" in another blog.  Do you have it for your kiddos? I would highly recommend it.  I found it at our old church's consignment sale last year and we've read it to Amber Joy since the day she came home.  I'm going to quote parts of the book here and then tell you what Amber Joy does nowadays when I read her the book (which lately has been every night):   "No matter where Choco searched, he couldn't find a mother who looked just like him." Amber Joy strokes the picture of Choco and says, " ok, Choco, ok ."  *melt my heart* "Choco was so sad he started to cry.  'Mommy, mommy! I need a mommy!' Mrs. Bear came running to see what was the matter.  As she listened to Choco's story, she sighed.  'Oh dear. If you had a mommy, what would she do?'" Amber Joy looks up at me and shakes her head, furrows her brow, and says, "no."  *call me biased,