A Mother for Choco

I think I may have mentioned the book "A Mother for Choco" in another blog.  Do you have it for your kiddos? I would highly recommend it.  I found it at our old church's consignment sale last year and we've read it to Amber Joy since the day she came home.  I'm going to quote parts of the book here and then tell you what Amber Joy does nowadays when I read her the book (which lately has been every night):

"No matter where Choco searched, he couldn't find a mother who looked just like him."

Amber Joy strokes the picture of Choco and says, "ok, Choco, ok." 
*melt my heart*

"Choco was so sad he started to cry.  'Mommy, mommy! I need a mommy!' Mrs. Bear came running to see what was the matter.  As she listened to Choco's story, she sighed.  'Oh dear. If you had a mommy, what would she do?'"

Amber Joy looks up at me and shakes her head, furrows her brow, and says, "no." 
*call me biased, but my girl has a tender heart*

"'Oh, I'm sure she would hold me, ' sobbed Choco.  'Like this?' asked Mrs. Bear.  And she held Choco very tight."

Amber Joy takes my arms and pulls them around her tiny body and squeezes as Mrs. Bear hugs Choco. 
*This girl has my heart!*

"'Yes...and I'm sure she would kiss me, too!' said Choco.  'Like this?' asked Mrs. Bear.  And she lifted Choco and gave him a big kiss."

Amber Joy looks up at me with those amazing eyes and moves in for a kiss. 
*She is understanding the book and she desires this kind of affection*

So the book continues and it turns out that even though Mrs. Bear doesn't look anything like Choco, she asks if she can be his mother.  It's also cool that Mrs. Bear has three other kids at home: an alligator, a pig, and a hippo. 

On the last page, it says:
"And Choco was very happy that his new mommy looked just the way she did."

Amber Joy points to Mrs. Bear, then to me, and says "Mama."
*Can't even begin to tell you how much I like this kid*

So thankful today for hearing aids that allow a little girl to hear us read to her, begin to understand the words, and even want her mama to hug, kiss, and hold her forever.


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