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Theology and other conversations

Twenty-five years ago, I started college at Belmont. I thought I wanted to be a teacher...that lasted for about half a semester. I realized very quickly that I most enjoyed my Old Testament history class, taught by the amazing Marty Bell. I loved learning the history and context behind the scriptures, something I had never learned at church. So, at the end of my first semester, I have a memory of trudging up the hill in the rain to Fidelity Hall where the School of Religion was housed. I sat down in tears across from Dr. Bell and after some heavy sighs, decided to change my major to Religion. Soon after, I took my first theology course, "Christian Theology" with Dr. Steve Simpler. (side note: Dr. Simpler has been a fixture in my life. He was the dean of the SOR when I was at Belmont and we have kept in touch all of these years. Later this month, I'll attend his retirement party.) I'll never forget the simple definition of "theology" that Dr. Simpler gave: th