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Adoption Bug

We've got the adoption bug for sure and I came across a website thanks to another adopting couple that I just love!  It's and they have some of the best adult t-shirts, infant onsies, and toddler shirts that I have seen.  We will be registering with them soon, so hold off on ordering something until you hear from me.  You see, our adoption fund will benefit from your purchase with no upfront cost to us.  I will explain more later, but for now, go ahead and figure out what you want! As for the process, we are just weeks away from being 'paper pregnant!'  The baby bed is being delivered TODAY and we are ecstatic.  We have finished up the interview process, the paperwork, the home visit, and our profile book for the birth moms and now we are just waiting for the agency to let us know that our home study is approved!!  There is quite a misconception out there that the home visit is the home study.  Quite the contrary, the home study is EVERYTHING we

Happy Mother's Day

--Our Sunday School class-- We have had a couple of really busy weeks, both with adoption movement and life in general.  The Nashville flood has left parts of our city in shambles, but it has been amazing to see the volunteer effort and the resiliency of our people.  Justin and I have been involved in the clean-up and have been so proud to be Nashvillians.  Two weeks ago, we had our first interview with the adoption agency.  You may wonder why this was the first interview, since we have been in the adoption process since January.  Bethany waits to formally interview adoptive couples until after all of the paperwork has been turned in.  The interview itself was very relaxed and conversational.  Our adoption social worker is wonderful at what she does and we feel blessed to have her walking with us.  For nearly two hours, she talked with us, asked questions about our lives, how we met, how we fight, what we like to do.  These interviews are to ensure that, when a birth mom chooses us

Interviews and Imagination

This past Wednesday morning, we finally sat down with Bethany staff for our first face-to-face interview.  We have been talking with folks from Bethany all along the way via e-mail, training events, etc., but it was nice to have our worker all to ourselves for an hour and a half so we could ask questions, she could get to know us, and we could all continue to be on the same page regarding our upcoming adoption. As I sit here on this stormy, dark Saturday morning, I can't help imagining what Saturdays will be like when our baby comes home.  Last weekend, a friend from South Carolina, her husband, and their four children visited and stayed with us.  The house was chaotic, loud, and oh so much fun!  I wasn't sure how Justin and I would do with the craziness...we have grown accustomed to having our schedule fit our lives and our home as our sanctuary.  But we loved having them here and playing with the kids.  We have (at least) a head knowledge of the facts that we will be sleep-