Adoption Bug

We've got the adoption bug for sure and I came across a website thanks to another adopting couple that I just love!  It's and they have some of the best adult t-shirts, infant onsies, and toddler shirts that I have seen.  We will be registering with them soon, so hold off on ordering something until you hear from me.  You see, our adoption fund will benefit from your purchase with no upfront cost to us.  I will explain more later, but for now, go ahead and figure out what you want!

As for the process, we are just weeks away from being 'paper pregnant!'  The baby bed is being delivered TODAY and we are ecstatic.  We have finished up the interview process, the paperwork, the home visit, and our profile book for the birth moms and now we are just waiting for the agency to let us know that our home study is approved!!  There is quite a misconception out there that the home visit is the home study.  Quite the contrary, the home study is EVERYTHING we have been doing since January: training, praying, doctor exams, applications, praying, interviews, psychological evaluation, praying, infertility counseling, and a few emotional break downs for me!  Our social worker, Carolyn, will write all she has come to know about us in these five months and the director of Bethany will then read it and approve us as adoptive parents.  Only after our home study is approved can we apply for adoption grant money.  

The only thing left in this home study process is the writing of the letters to the birth parent(s).  Both Justin and I have struggled with writing what could be the most important letter of our lives.  Justin said it best..."it's trying to put into one page why a perfect stranger should give you their child."  We both feel very inept to write such a letter, so that is our prayer for today.  We need strength and guidance to write with genuine respect, sincerity, honesty, and love.  I love to write, but this letter is by far tougher than any paper I've been asked to write by any teacher or professor in my life.  I am keeping a journal where I write to our child my most personal thoughts about what we are experiencing throughout this journey.  I cannot wait to hold him/her in my arms and read the story of their 'life before we met.'

Justin and I have a lot of other things going on in our lives right now...we are leaving on vacation with his family this coming Saturday, so we feel as though we are in the pre-vacation slump in both of our jobs.  It's definitely time to hit the beach.  Justin is working very hard in his new position with HCA, but the time committment has gone up.  I am excited about teaching the music class in Vacation Bible School at our church this year in June.  Our families are thrilled about the adoption process and we have both had recent dreams of our child and how the dynamic will change at family gatherings!  It will be a blast!! 

So many hopes and many wonderings of "will I be a good mom?" and "how will I know what to do?"  and "I'm so grateful to have supportive friends and family." 

Thanks, everyone.


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