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Here come the Holidays

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since we sent our first e-mail requesting information from Bethany on domestic adoption.  This year has been full of so many changes for us as we prepare to expand our family.  We were talking just today about how we didn't know when we started dating five years ago that it would still be just the two of us this far down the road in our marriage.  But now, we're learning to appreciate that we've had the time to really get to know each other and become true partners.  I told Justin that it took what seemed like forever for me to find him (or for him to find me), that when our baby does come home, hopefully I will feel the same way: thankful for the time we had to wait because it makes the fulfillment that much sweeter.  We haven't had a referral since the last out of state (we don't know when our profile is being shown in Tennessee) and we're glad for the reprieve.  The last referral was so emotional, it's been