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100 Days

The way I figure it, give or take a little, there are 100 days of summer break this year.  It feels like this is our first "real" summer break, mainly because last year, Amber Joy still had therapists and was still going to a group learning center two mornings per week.  This is truly our first, no-schedule, anything is possible summer.  I have to be honest...I've been terrified.  Y'all...three years old is tough.  It's tough for the kid and it's tough for the parents.  And to top it off, my parents are out of town for the entire summer!  Let me just stop right here and say that I'm a very blessed girl to have my parents less than five minutes from our house.  We see them at least every other day and they are my sanity, providing free childcare for date nights, dinners from time to time, and even just a change of scenery when we've been at home looking at each other for far too long.  So when they announced that they would be heading off to live some d