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The Best Day

My girl is snuggled safe and warm in her bed after 13 hours of one of the most wonderful days we've ever had.  What's funny is that when it started, I almost let it get away.  We didn't have big plans.  Lately, life has been busy.  Not anything special, just life.  Weekend trips, everyday tasks, checklists, laundry, new job training for me, and did I say laundry?  I've come to a very important conclusion about laundry and dishes so listen closely:  they will ALWAYS be there.  They will never, ever be done forever, so the best thing to do is just try not to let all the clean clothes or clean dishes run out before you do wash some.  I digress. Justin's job has been keeping him late, getting him early, and he had to work all day today, our first Saturday that we could have spent as a family in the last several weeks.  He so wished he could have been with us today.  He and I had a date night last night which, I must confess, we spent at a teenie bopper movie we didn&#