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I've let a whole month and a half slip by without a blog post.  As I've said before, I mainly blog for me, to remember things later that were happening today.  But I guess that goes to show how committed I am!  Since last time, I turned 40.  Yep.  The big 4-0.  But let me go on record as saying that, at least for right now, I'm doing ok with it.  No major meltdowns, breakdowns, or tantrums.  Just lots of celebrating with many old friends and some new ones.  Several family members came into town and there have been at least three separate celebrating times!  I always tell Justin that I celebrate the entire month of's my birthday month.  I've always liked my birthday, so why should 40 be any different?  For my gift, my parents, Justin, Amber Joy and I are going to Disney World in January!  It was even on my cake..."Happy Birthday, Steph.  We're going to Disney World!"  I just can't wait any longer to take Amber Joy, so we'll actually