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"Beauty will Rise"

We wait...and wait, and wait, and wait.  I am finding out that life must go on, even in waiting for our baby.  And it should.  I am aware that the process itself, no matter what it is, is as important or more so, than the destination.  I try to learn something each day about myself or about those I love.  But much like my family experienced in the months after Amber died, the world does not stop for us to get off and catch our breath and rest for awhile.  However, God provides that resting place even as life continues to spin around us.  There has also been another similarity I've noticed to grief in this time of waiting for our baby...the fact that others will say "I know exactly how you feel."  Adoptive families say this to each other, and I've even said it to friends, knowing that it's not true.  No one knows how we feel.  It's impossible.  I don't even know how Justin feels, though I try.  No family's story is the same, so therefore, as much as we