Advent in July

For those of you who follow the traditional church calendar, you know that Advent doesn't start until later in the year, in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  It is a time of expectant hope that our Savior will come to us!  I have always been fascinated with Advent since I was first introduced to the concept as a teenager.  My favorite Advent hymn is "O Come O Come Emmanuel" because of its haunting tune and striking lyric.  In the same verse, the singer is earnestly asking for Emmanuel to come and ransom her soul that has been exiled, and before the verse has ended, she is rejoicing because she has received knowledge that indeed Emmanuel shall come! 

When I had my "pregnancy plan" all figured out (laugh), I always wanted to be pregnant during advent.  I thought it would be amazing to experience the Advent season in hopeful expectation of my baby's birth, as Mary did as she anticipated the birth of Christ.  The feelings and emotions of carrying a baby in my body is something I may or may not ever experience.  But today, God gave me the understanding that I am now officially waiting for my baby and this is my Advent! 

Some of the emotions and actions that have involved my time and energy lately are excitement, nesting, resting, dating my husband, baby registries, impatience, patience, stillness, moving around, jealousy (when I hear about others and their new babies), fear, joy, clumsiness, sadness, urgency...I could keep going, but I'm struck with the fact that these are the same emotions and actions that would probably fill my days if I were carrying a baby in my body.  So God is good and has given me an Advent season.  Even if it is July. 

If you've never heard John Wallen's song, "While I'm Waiting," check it out:

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  1. Well, congratulations Stephanie, you've done it again! I had to get up from your blog for a kleenex! I think I am just as excited as you are! Looking forward to see what the Lord is doing!


  2. I am thrilled and will pray along with each emotion. Congrats on your paper pregnancy. I'm an excited Auntie!!

  3. Yes, very similar emotions. In fact, whatever advent we seem to go through strangely resembles the stages of grief as well -- such a tangle of meaning in the depths of our spirits! I pray that in your waiting, you will discover the incarnation so that as hope becomes a tangible little Miller, you will be able to say, "God is here."


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