In the court!

Our paperwork is in the Taiwan courts! It was submitted on Monday, August 1, so what do we do now? WAIT. Of course! The name of the game! The more I have considered waiting, the more I am convinced that our lives will NEVER be finished with waiting. Once Amber Joy gets home, we will be waiting for doctor's visits, test results, first photos to come back from the photographer, first words, first steps...and it never ends! So, for now, I've accepted the wait as part of parenting. I'm sure I will continue to struggle! 

Right now, our projected travel time is October-November.  We will have a court date, probably in early September, then two decrees.  After the second decree, the judge declares that she is ours and we are told to book our plane tickets!

In other news, I am addicted to my daughter's photos!  We have made collages at Walgreens, she's all over the house in frames, and yesterday, I cropped some of the pics so as just to focus on all of her features.  Every finger, every fingernail, those ears...we are in LOVE!  We are over the moon for her and will be ecstatic to finally hold her and touch her :)  Thank you for praying! 


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