Paperwork: Complete!

Tonight, we attended our last "in-person" training session with the Bethany staff.  We still have three more weeks of training that we will complete by e-mail.  We were happy to have "Nana Jane," "Pawpaw," and Aunt Yvette join us for training.  It's been wonderful to have our families involved and interested in our journey.  We heard a birth mother speak about her experience and the training was on lifelong adoption issues.

The way my brain works, one idea leads to twelve more.  I began jotting down the significant days of our adoption highway thus far:  The day when I was a kid and I told my mom and dad that someday, I would adopt a child; the day that I first mentioned adoption to Justin when we were dating; the day we realized that we needed to change out assumptions about how God would bring us a child and consider adoption as a first choice; the day we sent our first e-mail to Bethany, January 2, 2010; the days we submitted our preliminary application and formal application; the information meeting with my mom; orientation; the first training session with my dad; the first trip to Babies-R-Us to look around; the Valentine's weekend trip when we had to 'decide' on our adoption plan; receiving our first baby gift from a family friend; buying each other small gifts for the baby; getting the dogs' shot records for the paperwork; the psychological assessment; the physical exams and the unnecessary testing that I endured!; meeting Amy at Bethany to talk about our infertility battle; the Sundays when I can't stop my emotion just looking around at all the children in our church, longing for my own, and countless other days that we have experienced since starting this process. 

They reminded us tonight that all of these days put together are part of our child's story!  We don't even know him/her yet, and they already have a story in our family.  In addition to this blog, we will be working on a Lifebook for our child.  It will include photographs, stories, and special days along the way until we bring him/her home.  We appreciate your prayers and your stories, as well, so please feel free to share your thoughts through comments.

Also, if anyone reading this has an interest, one of the things I would like to include in the Lifebook is letters from people who are helping us pray for this baby.  We would welcome a short note or letter to our baby from you, our friends and family. 

Thank you again for your support.

P.S.  Don't forget to let us know if you want a turtle!!!


  1. Thanks for making me cry this morning :) I can't wait to meet the little one God has chosen for your family. You two are in my thoughts.

    Heather Beard

  2. Stephanie as I read this and read how you said as a child you would adopt one day, it really hit home. My 17 year old daughter has said for two years now that when she is ready for a child she will be adopting. I do not know what has made her have this on her heart, but it is something she has stood by after college and she gets married of course. May God Bless you and Justin on your journey to bring home your little bundle of joy :)


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