Who's The Birthday Girl?

It's you! You're five today!

I'm sitting here, post party pooped and have hit my sugar crash. You and your dad are snoozing in your respective beds. You don't take naps anymore...gave them up a long time ago, but today is the exception. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought it would be fun to have a "small" party today and hop on a plane to Disney World tomorrow. Go figure.

Your shirt has "Joy" from Inside Out on it and says "It's a Great Day!" And it is a great day. It's your fifth birthday. I suppose the first birthday has special significance because, wow, you've been alive for a whole year! And then there's something about five. Half a decade. And soooo many changes. You're not a baby, nor a toddler, and you're actually getting close to finished being a preschooler! Soon, you'll be a kindergartener.

Back to now. I forced you (even yelled at you) to lay down today, mainly because I needed you to. I needed a break. I cried because I yelled at you and you covered me up with your sheet and asked me to read you a book. I think that's called forgiveness in five-year-old terms.

You teach me so much: about me, about you, about love, grace, forgiveness, and honesty. Most of the time, I am pretty sure I know what is best for you, but then when I give up my control for a few split seconds, God has a chance to shine in and gives me wisdom to see where you need to do some things for yourself.

You and I are a lot alike, but we're different too. Your personality is strong and you know what you want. I'm sure we will have many more moments of battle, but I hope you will never forget my love for you and my sincere prayer that you will always find your identity and security in Christ.

Happy fifth birthday, sweetheart.


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