From May 17th

From May 17th...


Thank you for your ongoing prayers! I am writing this at 11:30 p.m. because tonight, just like every night for the past 12 days, I have trouble shutting down my brain. We received a brief update today about our sweet baby girl in Taiwan. She is out of the hospital, not on oxygen, though she does have breathing treatments for her lungs since she was a preemie. She is taking 3 oz of formula every 3 hours like clockwork and seems to be thriving! The Taiwanese missionary says she has "quite a set of lungs." I would not expect any less from my child!

An amazing "breadcrumb" of God's hand in all of this was something that happened this morning. Justin and I have had some debate over the baby's name. We had Amber Elizabeth picked out from the time we got married to honor both of our dear sisters. However, over the past few days, with everyone referring to the baby as "Amber," I began to realize that this was going to be hard for me and maybe for others who knew my sister. I had talked to my mom last week about adding the name "Joy" to her name somehow. I had wanted to consider calling her "Amber Joy." Justin wasn't a big fan of the double name. But this morning, out of the blue, he said "you know, Amber Joy is starting to grow on me." A few minutes later, I e-mailed the missionary we are working with in Taiwan and asked her a couple of additional questions. One was if she could find out for us what Amber's Taiwanese name, Chiah-Hui, means. After a few minutes, she e-mailed back and said she put it in her pocket translator and google translate. She said it came out translated as "JOY!" We were floored, amazed, and I think it's safe to say, stuck on that beautiful name! It seems her name is to be Amber Joy Elizabeth Miller.

Some hopeful news as well, although we do not want to assume either the worst or the best: Amber Joy's nannies say that she tends to cry when the other babies in the center are crying! Perhaps that is some semblance of not having total hearing loss. We will know more next month when she goes back for another test.

Mom and I went shopping today to put together the first gift package for our sweet girl. We are sending gowns, onesies, a blanket, some socks, pacifiers, and a soft little Piglet I bought for her! We hope the homestudy will be finished in about two weeks, then we have to wait for passports. After that, there are three court dates in Taiwan. Everything is decided and legal there before we ever travel. I hope for a travel date in July or August at the latest. The sooner she gets here, the more pictures I will have!!! It is just so amazing to us that this is finally happening. Thank you again for your prayers, well-wishes, and support. We have been so overwhelmed by the reactions of our friends and family. We cannot wait for you to meet little Amber Joy.


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